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Mustang Rules and Tools

New to Mustang? Looking for Information to help your player entering Kid-Pitch baseball? You're in the right place!

Mustang is the 3rd level of baseball in PTBA, comprised of 9-10 year old players. Mustang presents many new changes in the rules and game format. This is the first league where the kids pitch to each other, get to steal bases and have umpires calling balls and strikes. Mustang is a big transition as the kids are going from a league where the coaches are trying to "put the ball on their bat" to one where their friends are trying to strike them out! Some players will find it frustrating, while others will adapt quickly to the new format. Obviously pitching is a major component to the game, and coaches will work with their teams on the very basics of pitching - primarily teaching the 4 seam and 2 seam fastball, and perhaps a change-up. Kids will also learn the importance of the catcher position for the first time. In Pinto, the catcher collects balls and throws them back to the coach-pitcher & maybe gets a force-out at home every once in a while, whereas in Mustang the catcher becomes one of the most important positions on the field! Coaches will work with players on the fundamentals of the catcher position, including form, positioning behind the batter, blocking the ball and making throws to 2nd and 3rd. Mustang is still very much an instructional league where our main focus is on development, not wins and losses. In Mustang the pitching distance moves to 46' and the base paths are 60'. Mustang games are primarily played at Peterswood Park #2, and the Rec Center field. Understanding the rules of base running, leading and stealing are going to be very important for new Mustang players (and parents). It is strongly advised to download the rules & go over them with your kids prior to the season starting so they understand the basics.

Now that you understand our mission; how can you help us execute?

  1. You can be your child's biggest fan. Just show up, sit back and enjoy watching your son or daughter continue to learn the great game of baseball - including pitching now! Cheer for them, their teammates and their opponents. Continue to help us teach them the value of hard work and good sportsmanship. This is taken to a new level now as you will have many opportunities to disagree with and be upset about umpires calls! Please remember our code of conduct & our mission.
  2. Volunteer to be a Team Manager, Coach, Team Mom, helper, etc. There are still plenty of needs and opportunities to assist at this age group. Remember to get your Act 33/34 clearances (without them, you can't be anywhere near the field or dugouts).
  3. More homework to do! Coaches will never have enough time with their teams to get in the amount of repetitions needed to master pitching, fielding and catching fundamentals. We need your help at home - work with the kids on the techniques they are learning at practice. Not getting enough reps at the plate? Take them to the batting cages, do some tee work or soft toss drills. Check out the video library for ideas!
  4. Mustang has unique rules as well - especially around leading and stealing. Whether you're a parent, player or coach; take the time to learn the rules of the league so you know why your kid gets held up at 3rd base on a steal when there's an overthrow from the catcher!
  5. Be positive at all times. If your child, your coach and/or the umpire makes mistakes (and they will), don't drag them down.. pick them up! The game is in the kids' hands now - which can be extremely rewarding, but also daunting. We need to be positive and continue to make it a fun experience if we want to keep them in the game - and we absolutely do!
  6. Get involved! We are striving to make the Peters Township Baseball Association the best sports organization in the area, and the best sports experience for our players. We can't do this without an active and involved membership base. Contact us if you want to learn about ways to get more involved.

If you have additional questions about the league, the expectations, the requirements, etc. Please contact us. If you need help with how to work on fundamental skills; please check out the videos and resources on this site. These are instructional videos from the very basic fundamental - to more advanced skill development. In Mustang, we are learning new, important aspects of the game, so there is a lot of work to do.. but let's keep it fun!

Does your player need equipment for the season?? Please be sure to visit The Equipment Room for advice, regulations and offers before you buy! PTBA provides Hats and Shirts for Mustang players. You are responsible for Pants (color determined by your coach), Baseball Cleats (no metal, only plastic at this age), Glove, Bat (USA Stamped), Batting Helmet, etc. 

Below is a video playlist from our YouTube Channel, that has age-appropriate instructional videos from some great teachers. The tips in these videos are great for Mustang aged players. Simply click the small triangle in the upper left of the main video see the drop-down list of all videos in the playlist.

Next-step Instructional Videos - Click Below for our YouTube Playlist

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The Peters Township Baseball Association

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The Peters Township Baseball Association

PO Box 998 
McMurray, Pennsylvania 15317

Email: [email protected]
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